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We offer custom-curated & online workplace wellness programs that assists employees to voluntarily make choices that improve overall health and productivity. 


Our wellness programs are focused on prevention and intervention to benefit employees and employers by reducing employees’ health risk factors.

WFH has led to a rise in health issue like High Stress Levels  |  Sedentary Lifestyle leading to weight gain  |  Lack of proper nutrition guidance  |  Little or physical activity  |  Lower Energy levels  |  Fatigue related complications  |  Complications from medical conditions, such as thyroid, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol

Our Corporate Nutrition Programs

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'YourCompanyName' Nutrition Challenge

Gamified habit building series designed to inculcate healthy living habits which can last a lifetime

1-to-1 Nutrition Consultation

The traditional way of personalised consultation but it gets far more personal with us


Workshops & Webinars

On specialised & curated topics.

Want just 1 or a series, we've got you covered


'YourCompanyName' Nutrition Challenge

Nutrition Challenge is a unique gamified offering which helps people inculcate healthy living habits over a period of 10 weeks. We advise and handhold people through a 10 week process with a set of simple life-changing habits which are required to be followed cumulatively week after week.


Week 1: Habit 1
Week 2: Habit 1 + Habit 2
Week 3: Habit 1 + Habit 2 + Habit 3 
and so on. 


​For Corporates, this has been effective reason to #livehealthy and inculcate healthy habits. ​Research has shown that tiny habits, instilled one at a time are made to stay forever.


2019: Lilly Nutrition League for Eli Lilly & Company

We branded and conducted 1st edition of a unique event of its kind — 10-week long “Nutrition Challenge” for Eli Lilly & Company (100+ year old US Pharma giant). ​The 10-week long event was entirely curated by us. There were series such posters, documents and standees built during the duration of the event.


1-to-1 Personalised Nutrition & Wellness Consultation


Personalised Goal Tracking

  • Personal Body ParametersTracking

  • Regular Tracking of Food Diary

  • Goal Progress Tracking

  • Constant Follow-Ups and Food-diary reviews


Regular Follow-ups

  • Weekly Meetings & Calls

  • Unlimited Phone & WhatsApp Support


Healthy & Hearty Foods

  • Customised Plan as per Food Preference and choices

  • Exact-timed & Day-wise, Custom-Tailor Made Diet Plans

  • Plans designed keeping in mind the daily routine of clients

  • Consists of generic daily food items which are commonly used in any household

  • Balanced Diet approach only including Foods your body will love - High on Nutrition and Right on Calories


Workout Guides

  • Diets are complemented with Lifestyle Plans (exercise/workout tips to help burn calories / fats)


Eating out and Festival Foods' Guidance

  • Portion Control Guidance

  • Travel / Holiday Food Guidance

  • Foods during Festivals’ Guidance

  • Restaurant Food / Alcohol Intake Guidance

  • Healthy Recipes Guidance


Custom-curated Webinars & Workshops

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Session Types

  • Ask me Anything’ or QnA session

  • Recipes' Demos

  • Nutrition Talks on various topics

  • Healthy habit-building workshops


Topic Examples

  • Your relationship with Food

  • Don’t give in to Fad diets of Internet

  • Mindful Eating

  • Eat Your Food, Not Your Mind

  • Portion Control & My Healthy Plate
    and more...


You're in Experienced Hands


Nutritionist Vasundhara


 Enabling World Class Nutrition   & Knowledge Services 

  • Nutrition Expert & Corporate Health Coach

  • 11+ years experience with Fortis, Max hospitals

  • Changed lives of 1000s of individuals globally


Vinamra Agrawal


 Driving Marketing Tactics resulting in   Enhanced Employee Engagement 

  • Creative Strategy & Operations

  • Marketing & Customer Experience (CX) Specialist

  • 12+ years experience

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